Edge-O-Ledge Beware: you have no brakes to stop!


 A challenge for the brave. Two cars, a countryside road with random hills, a ledge at the end of the road. Evaluate the route length, the number and height of the hills along your way, set the boost, release the engine power and finish just a bit ahead of your opponent. But beware: the abyss awaits at the end of the road. The farther you go, the higher your chances to win, and to fall down. The secret to win? Drive until the Edge Of the Ledge.

Key features

  • Procedurally generated levels: each round is a separate story
  • Accurate simulation of physics involving gravity, suspension and weight of the vehicles
  • Single and dual player modes
  • Play with a friend on the same device, or challenge the artificial intelligence
  • Choose the winning goal between 2 and 3 points to score

 Available for

  • Windows Phone (8 and above)
  • Android devices (2.3 and above)